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Help Obama Kickstart World War III

Your donation could help launch a very progressive war.

From Second City Network comes a parody video that hits the funny bone with precision-guided ordnance and never stops shooting.  (Sure, the situation is also tragic, but the funny bone has always been located right next to the tragedy bone.)

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, “Kickstarter” is a popular website that lets people solicit donations for creative projects under construction – everything from books and art projects to video games.  Since the U.S. government is way, way, way beyond broke, why not a Kickstarter funding drive to help President Obama get World War III started?

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John Hayward began his blogging career as a guest writer at Hot Air under the pen name "Doctor Zero," producing a collection of essays entitled Doctor Zero: Year One. He is a great admirer of free-market thinkers such as Arthur Laffer, Milton Friedman, and Thomas Sowell. He writes both political and cultural commentary, including book and movie reviews. An avid fan of horror and fantasy fiction, he has produced an e-book collection of short horror stories entitled Persistent Dread. John is a former staff writer for Human Events. He is a regular guest on the Rusty Humphries radio show, and has appeared on numerous other local and national radio programs, including G. Gordon Liddy, BattleLine, and Dennis Miller.