"Global warming" put on ice

Remember when the Church of Global Warming insisted that melting polar ice caps would soon have a few million gallons of icy seawater running through the streets of New York City?  Melting polar ice is one of the signature images of “climate change” theology.  The Arctic ice cap was supposed to be completely gone by now.  A gang of unfortunate dupes who fell for the global warming scam actually tried to sail their yachts through the Northwest Passage this summer, doubtless with little plastic Al Gore bobbleheads affixed to their helms.  Twenty of them are still stuck in the ice at the time of this writing, awaiting rescue from Canadian icebreakers, according to the UK Daily Mail.

That’s because the Arctic ice has grown by a remarkable 60 percent – 920,000 square miles – over the past year:

Some eminent scientists now believe the world is heading for a period of cooling that will not end until the middle of this century ??? a process that would expose computer forecasts of imminent catastrophic warming as dangerously misleading.

The disclosure comes 11 months after The Mail on Sunday triggered intense political and scientific debate by revealing that global warming has ???paused??? since the beginning of 1997 ??? an event that the computer models used by climate experts failed to predict.

In March, this newspaper further revealed that temperatures are about to drop below the level that the models forecast with ???90 per cent certainty???.

The pause ??? which has now been accepted as real by every major climate research centre ??? is important, because the models??? predictions of ever-increasing global temperatures have made many of the world???s economies divert billions of pounds into ???green??? measures to counter  climate change.

Those predictions now appear gravely flawed.

You don’t say.  The Daily Mail isn’t just tooting its own horn about the Great Global Warming “Pause,” which has been in progress for over 15 years now.  Absolutely no one in the climate-change cult can explain it.  None of their models predicted it.  But the United Nations does know about it… even though billions of dollars are still offered to the Church of Global Warming as tribute every year.  Shaking the medicine stick and yelling about the Angry Sky Gods still prompts international bureaucrats to turn out other peoples’ pockets with blinding speed.

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was due in October to start publishing its Fifth Assessment Report ??? a huge three-volume study issued every six or seven years. It will now hold a pre-summit in Stockholm later this month.

Leaked documents show that governments which support and finance the IPCC are demanding more than 1,500 changes to the report???s ???summary for policymakers???. They say its current draft does not properly explain the pause.

At the heart of the row lie two questions: the extent to which temperatures will rise with carbon dioxide levels, as well as how much of the warming over the past 150 years ??? so far, just 0.8C ??? is down to human greenhouse gas emissions and how much is due to natural variability.

In its draft report, the IPCC says it is ???95 per cent confident??? that global warming has been caused by humans ??? up from 90 per cent in 2007.

This claim is already hotly disputed. US climate expert Professor Judith Curry said last night: ???In fact, the uncertainty is getting bigger. It???s now clear the models are way too sensitive to carbon dioxide. I cannot see any basis for the IPCC increasing its confidence level.???
Well, maybe you’ll see the light if cult “scientists” compare you to a Holocaust denier, Professor Curry.  That sort of “scientific argument” has generally worked for them in the past.
So, to repeat for anyone who’s still deliberately obtuse, or just slow on the uptake: there is no global warming.  The climate of the Earth does, of course, change over both the long and short terms – much of which our benighted grandparents described with the archaic term “weather” – but the role of human activity in these changes is clearly not overwhelming or catastrophic.  That doesn’t automatically mean that human activity is entirely insignificant, but it would be fair to say that its significance has been grossly magnified by people who knew better.
There are various intriguing theories based on actual science – you know, hypotheses tested against data – to explain long-term climate shifts, many of them revolving around the role played by the gigantic ball of superheated gas and radiation squatting in the middle of the Solar System.  But none of those theories allows charlatans and political hucksters to siphon money and power from a terrified populace.