Colorado recall elections have nation interested

Colorado residents will go to the polls tomorrow to vote on the recall of State Senate President John Morse (D) of Colorado Springs and State Sen. Angela Giron (D) of Pueblo. Both lawmakers are responsible for passing legislation imposing stricter gun laws (limiting the size of ammunition magazines and requiring universal background checks), which many voters say violate the Second Amendment. Tuesday will mark the first time in CO???s 137-year history that the state will hold recall elections, and finance reports show that both local and non-local citizens want their voices heard.

According to the Denver Post, the elections ???have amassed about $3.5 million from donors both near and far, with those vying to defend the incumbents up for election Tuesday significantly outraising the opposition.???

???Proponents of the recall have raised about $540,000, while opponents have collected nearly $3 million,??? the Post reported. ???Much of the cash has come from out of state ??? a sign of the national significance these recalls have.???

The National Rifle Association led the way in donations in favor of the recall with $360,000, and Michael Bloomberg was a top donor against the recall, donating $350,000.

Tim Knight of Colorado Springs has come to be known as ???the Godfather of the recall??? for his efforts in arranging the recall election. (He gathered tens of thousands of signatures and took care of the necessary legal tedium.)

???This is not about us,??? Knight told National Review Online. ???The new gun laws were just the catalyst. A lot of people are very upset about being ignored, so finding vocal moral support hasn???t really been a hard sell.???

This recall election also shines a spotlight on the dynamics of Colorado- the clash that exists between rural, conservative Coloradans, and their urban, progressive counterparts.

Luke Wagner of the Basic Freedom Defense Foundation, who is leading the effort to depose the senators, said of Sen. Morse: ???[He] couldn???t have given us a better gift than to have thrown something in everybody???s face. He decided that rural Coloradans aren???t as important as urban Coloradans. He doesn???t like gun owners.???

Knight echoed Wagner???s sentiment that the constituency is generally discontent: ???We???ve had a lot of signatures here from people who voted for John Morse,??? he said. ???He???s made everyone mad.???

Recall voters have expressed their grievances at

Fox News reports that: ???Early voting in Colorado???s first legislative recall elections has been strong so far.???