Anthony Weiner melts down

In a nation rocked by serious arguments over war, freedom, and prosperity, can we take a moment to enjoy the absurd Anthony Weiner getting into an argument about morality and divine judgment with a Jewish voter in New York?

Yes, I believe we can.  Nay, we must.  Because if we can’t have a good laugh at the expense of this strutting peacock, the terrorists will have won.  Or the guy fighting the terrorists in Syria will have won.  Which is roughly as bad, because they’re both evil as hell.

Enjoy this video, and remember a more innocent time, when America’s great political crisis involved Anthony Weiner falsely accusing people of falsely accusing him of sending pictures of his genitals to young women who were not his wife.  (Which he was totally doing, if you’re having trouble following the convoluted sentence structure I’ve been compulsively using ever since overdosing on video of Secretary of State John Kerry calling for military intervention in Syria.)