States??? rights only apply to getting high

The federal government is not known for being consistent, except, of course, when it comes to being inconsistent. Staying true to form, the Obama administration has decided randomly to respect states??? rights for once, saying it will not challenge policies put in place by Washington State and Colorado that legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

The Fed said it will instead concentrate its efforts on preventative measures, e.g. thwarting sales of pot to minors. The New York Times reported on the government???s ???trust but verify??? approach, led by Attorney General Eric H. Holder, who reasons the Fed???s stance will curb ???soaring taxpayer spending on prisons and help correct what [Holder] regards as unfairness in the justice system.???

The Obama administrators have determined to let the states have their way when it comes to cannabis because they have their reasons for being lax: a stoned electorate is more easily duped than a sober one. Just don’t expect them to make a habit of it. One needn’t search hard for examples of federal meddling in states’ business (they can’t kick the habit!):

– Obama???s administration plans to take Missouri to court in the event the state passes a law nullifying federal gun regulations by making it illegal for federal agents to enforce such laws in the Show-Me State.

– Holder has decided to mess with Texas by suing the state over its voter ID laws and congressional district maps.

– Holder, at it again, is suing Louisiana over the state’s proposed school voucher program, claiming  it could create a racial imbalance in public school systems.