Chris Christie is still
kind of cool

Today I am remembering what is was that appealed to me about NJ Governor Chris Christie- what people like Ann Coulter saw in him before he took buddy-buddy photos with President Obama at a pivotal point of Mitt Romney???s campaign, before he expanded Medicaid coverage in his state, favored big government welfare programs, and approved numerous other schemes which resulted in his being painted as a RINO.

Now, The New York Times (Maureen Dowd, specifically) is criticizing Christie for his most redeeming quality. According to PolitickerNJ:

???Christie caused a bit of controversy earlier this week while co-hosting the Boomer & Carton Radio show on WFAN. There, the New Jersey Governor referred to New York Daily News reporter Manish Mehta as a “dope” for a series of questions made to Jets head coach Rex Ryan on the team’s quarterback situation.???

Christie’s brazen, outspoken style has Dowd calling for him to ???solve his ???temperament problem??? before stepping on the national stage.???

Is Christie???s temperament really a ???problem,??? or is it a plus? If his “bully” tactics are so repulsive to people, how does Dowd explain the governor’s remarkable favorability ratings?

???I think folks around here know that I am willing to take as well as I give,??? Christie said in response to the criticism. ???I didn???t wake up this morning worried and petrified about what Maureen Dowd on the op-ed page of The New York Times thinks about me.

???If you wake up as a Republican and worry about what the op-ed page of The New York Times thinks about you,??? he continued, ???you are going to be in a constant state of crisis.???

Dowd says American voters ???like to elect nice guys, not belittling blowhards.??? If this is true, and Barack Obama, Joe Biden, et al. are considered ???nice guys,??? maybe it???s time American voters gave ???belittling blowhards??? a chance?

Chris Christie takes the ???respected not loved??? mantra seriously, and his approval ratings prove that Americans (at least New Jersians) find his attitude refreshing and appealing. Christie, whose exact words about Mehta were, ???The guy’s a complete idiot???Self-consumed, underpaid reporter. The only reason he???s empowered is we’re spending all this time this morning talking about Manish Mehta who, by the way, I couldn’t pick out of a police lineup,??? is not backing down.

“I thought a particular reporter was a dope, I said so,” Christie said. “He seems like a nice young man ??? a dope nonetheless, but a nice young man.”

He went on to defend his words with frank, honest reason. According to, ???Christie also said people were taken aback by him calling the reporter an “idiot” because they expect politicians to ???evade giving an answer.??????

“Let’s also be realistic,” the governor said. “I was on a sports-talk radio show. I wasn’t on ‘Meet the Press.’ “Some of the reaction to this is a bunch of overwrought reporters who don’t like being criticized either. It’s not life and death. It’s not war and peace.”

It???s this type of behavior that builds respect with constituents.