ObamaCare satire: "The choice of a generation"

A hysterically funny satirical video from Crossroads GPS tells young people why they should be excited to sign up for ObamaCare.  It’s the choice of a generation… just not the one paying for it.

This is great stuff – genuine wit wrapped around a kernel of hard, cold truth.  The reason Obama has been enlisting an army of celebrities to trick young people into enrolling is that ObamaCare can only survive by looting young and healthy people to subsidize benefits for older people, and those with unhealthy lifestyles.  That’s how socialism always works: diffuse, often incomprehensible costs paid by those who benefit the least, so that targeted benefits can be delivered to reliably grateful voting blocs.

One of the core problems with socializing costs is that responsibility disintegrates.  Insurance in a free market is the sale of calculated risk.  People who are unlikely to make big health-insurance claims get to pay low premiums.  They can choose affordable plans tailored to their needs, while providers can turn a profit by selling them insurance against unlikely catastrophes.  ObamaCare turns all that around, punishing the healthy to provide the subsidized illusion of “affordable” care for others.  Subsidizing something doesn’t make it more affordable – in fact, the opposite usually occurs.  It just means somebody else is forced to pay for it.  And as the Crossroads satire notes, the “Affordable” Care Act isn’t making insurance more affordable for much of anyone, outside of states with screwed-up systems that already followed ObamaCare logic for years, blowing their average premiums through the roof.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) says it’s going to take a “grassroots tsunami” to produce the votes he needs to defund ObamaCare.  Videos like this are a good tool for igniting one.  Young people should collar their congressional representatives – who just received an illegal exemption from ObamaCare mandates – and ask them why, if ObamaCare is so great, everyone with a scrap of political influence is pulling every string in sight to get away from it.  Kids might also consider quizzing their favorite ObamaCare-pushing celebrity to find out how much they know about the “law” they have no intention of living under.

Update: Crossroads GPS entered this video into a contest sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services, which is looking for innovative ways to lure young people into the Affordable Care Act bear trap, and is putting up $30,000 worth of prizes.  (What a bunch of cheapskates.  They could at least be offering ObamaCare waivers as prizes.  A couple of those would be worth a lot more than thirty grand, as any six-figure congressional staffer could tell you.)

Crossroads GPS president Steven Law says the video isn’t just a smart-aleck insult to the DHHS effort.  “We’re in it to win it.  There is an ugly side to this law, and we expect the government to communicate those less savory aspects of the law to young people, just as they are hyping some of the benefits.  We hope every young person will watch this video – and vote for it.”