The week that was

It appears that all the news this week was bad. Let???s take a look:

Three teenagers, two of them black and one of them white, killed 22-year-old Australian baseball player Christopher Lane by shooting him in the back while he was on a run. Lane was in Oklahoma visiting his girlfriend, and the teens killed him because, as one of them said, ???We were bored and didn’t have anything to do, so we decided to kill somebody.??? Similarly, in Washington State, WWII veteran Delbert Belton (he had survived being wounded in action during the Battle of Okinawa), was beaten and later died of injuries inflicted by two black teenagers using flashlights. Anyone think the top news outlets will broadcast round-the-clock coverage of the trials of any of these killers?

Bradley Manning, the WikiLeaker, totally not living up to his name, came out and told us all what we kind of already knew: that he???s a poor excuse for a man. Actually not a man at all, Manning said, ???I am female.??? Then he paradoxically asked for support during his ???transition.??? Maybe he???ll take off his Chelsea mask and have an Obama clown face on under that. Suspense!

Chris Christie signed into law a ban on ???gay conversion therapy.??? Christie said ???the health risks of trying to change a child???s sexual orientation trumped concerns over the government setting limits on parental choice.??? Some were appalled at Christie???s presumptive attempt to parent the residents of New Jersey, but they decided Christie would probably be a fun dad who would let you eat candy for breakfast.

Hillary Clinton gave her first policy speech since leaving the State Department to say that voting fraud is a ???phantom epidemic.??? The former first lady is spot on with her analogy. Like the Phantom, fraudulent voters show up in random places unexpectedly and disappear before being held accountable.

George Zimmerman went gun shopping, posed with a handsome, muscley man at the Kel-Tec gun manufacturing place in Florida, and this story got as much attention as the two about pointless killings by black teenagers combined.

The war on Egyptian Christians is raging furiously. A mob marched nuns through the streets of Cairo like they were prisoners of war, and burned their school to the ground. Men, women, and children are being slaughtered. Meanwhile, the Obama Administration announced its intention “to transfer $450 million in cash to help Egypt???s new Muslim Brotherhood-dominated government cover its massive budget deficit.??? Wrong on so many levels.

Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada, released his birth certificate to The Dallas Morning News, showing that he has dual citizenship in both Canada and the United States. DMN reported that, ???The circumstances of Cruz???s birth have fueled a simmering debate over his eligibility to run for president,??? proving that, when running for president, it is better to have no birth certificate at all than to show a Canadian one.

Teresa Mull is the managing editor of Human Events.