Mayor Filner gropes for the exit

It looks like the Democrats can tolerate fifteen accusations of sexual harassment or so, from a politician with the right “progressive” credentials, but as the number of public accusers approached twenty, it became clear that Democratic San Diego Mayor Bob “Filthy” Filner, a Democrat from the Democrat Party who was previously a Democrat member of the Democrat caucus in the House of Representatives, had to go.  NBC News has the details:

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has agreed to resign as part of a deal reached this week with city officials NBC 7 News has learned.

Filner, spotted leaving City Hall with packing boxes Wednesday night, will formally vacate the office following a closed session of City Council Friday according to several sources.

They made him brown-box his way out of the office?  Awesome.  We probably don’t want to know what was in those boxes.

Just before 7 p.m. Wednesday city officials announced a proposed solution in the scandal that has consumed the city of San Diego since it first broke July 10.

In the last six weeks, more than a dozen women have come forward with tales of alleged sexual harassment and unwanted sexual advances.

Filner has admitted to disrespecting and at times intimidating women, state he needed help and announced he would enter a treatment program for an undisclosed disorder or illness.

Under investigation for alleged ???pay to play??? schemes with developers, Filner disappeared from public view for three weeks and surfaced Monday in time for a mediation session with city officials.

“More than a dozen women?”  The number you’re looking for is eighteen, NBC.  In fact, I recall hearing rumors Number 19 was about to step forward.  Number 18 is businesswoman Dianne York, who told CNN that Filner grabbed her buttocks during a photo op, in front of witnesses.

As for that “treatment program,” Filner claimed it was already over and done, in a whirlwind two-week program that he allegedly completed three days early, seizing Olympic gold for the Phony Rehab Dash from Anthony Weiner.

Is it time to play the media’s favorite game, Guess That Party?  Why, yes, yes it is!  NBC News gets through their entire report without once stating Filner’s party affiliation.  The sole mention of party comes in this passage:

Once Filner resigns, San Diego city government will enter a period of interim leadership.

Council President Todd Gloria will take on the role of acting mayor under the city charter. Councilmember Kevin Faulconer slides in as council president.

The council line-up would return to a 4-to-4 split between Democrats and Republicans.

Readers are invited to work backwards and deduce which party Bob Filner belongs to.  It’s like playing sudoku!

How about Politico?  Nope, they don’t mention Filner’s party either, not even obliquely.  But they did have the cheek to include a link that says, “QUIZ: Do you know Bob Filner?”  Hope the first question on the quiz isn’t which party he belongs to!

Politico’s story links to a piece at the San Diego Union-Tribune.  Do they identify Filner’s party?  Take your best guess, then click here to find the answer.  Be sure to search all three pages of the article for the word “Democrat.”

I guess none of you “journalists” are going to be interested in following up by investigating Bob Filner’s twenty year career in Congress and learning how much sexual harassment was suppressed by the Democrat leadership in Washington, huh?  Just Stalinize him out of the photos and move along, right?  You’d render the same service to the GOP if Filner was a Republican, wouldn’t you?

Update: Looks like a few of those media reports are changing, expanding, and finding room to eventually mention which party Filner belongs to.  It’s like watching a little flower of knowledge unfold right before our eyes.