Brotherhood attacks ancient Egyptian museum, loots and destroys antiquities

Back in the summer of 2012, when Muhammad Morsi became president of Egypt, congratulatory calls to demolish the Great Pyramids???the ultimate in idol effrontery to Islamist sensibilities???began.  The idea was, whereas earlier Islamic leaders did not have the necessary technology to destroy the pyramids, now that an Islamist has taken office in the modern era, which is capable of destroying the lofty monuments, he should do so and rid Egypt of the pagan aura that had long plagued it.

When I reported this, and documented the long paper-trail of Muslims, beginning with their prophet, destroying the antiquities of their non-Muslim ancestors, the apologists, including at Huffington Post and New York Times cried ???hoax,??? to lull the world back to sleep.

It did not even seem to matter then that smaller pharonic antiquities were being targeted and destroyed.

And now, as the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters continue waging jihad on Egypt ??? with the support of the United States government ??? their hate and disregard for their own non-Islamic heritage most recently gave vent to an attack on  the Malawi National Museum in al-Minya in Upper Egypt.  While some ancient artifacts were stolen, others were intentionally damaged and defaced, demonstrating the intrinsic hostility to Egypt???s glorious past and its attempts to reclaim it by first ridding itself of the Brotherhood and their allies.