Hillary calls voter fraud a 'phantom epidemic'

Hillary Clinton is really, really getting ready for the presidential election in 2016. Nothing will stand in her way (if she has her way), not even voter ID laws.

???Hillary Clinton began her 2016 march to the White House last week, and it wasn’t a promising debut,??? reports the Wall Street Journal. ???The former first lady and Senator used her first big policy speech since leaving the State Department to portray American election laws as fundamentally racist.???

According to Clinton, since 2013, ???more than 80 bills restricting voting rights have been introduced in 31 states.” Racial discrimination, Hillary claims, is still an ???obstacle??? in the United States.

Hmm. Lots of people are calling out Hillary for her dubious claims, including the WSJ:

??????as for minority voting, Mrs. Clinton is the one who hasn’t been paying attention. In particular, she must have missed the May 2013 Census Bureau study on “The Diversifying Electorate???Voting Rates by Race and Hispanic Origin in 2012 (and Other Recent Elections).”

The study, based on data from the November 2012 Current Population Survey, shows that minority voter turnout nationwide has been rising???dramatically so. Take blacks, who as recently as 1996 had a low voter turnout rate of 53%.

Hillary, the Journal goes on to say, ignores facts and ???focuses instead on anecdotes, while raising alarm about the voter ID laws that have passed in the last decade???The disconnect between these facts and Mrs. Clinton’s assertions suggests that she is the one playing racial politics.???

Hillary calls voter fraud a ???phantom epidemic.???

???True the Vote has identified 173 cases of alleged interstate voter fraud, or double voting, in Florida and Maryland,??? Florida Watchdog reported.

In Maryland, 13,000 former residents remained on voter rolls in two jurisdictions, and some ballots were cast in both places.

These are just a couple examples. There were scores of voter fraud stories during the last presidential election. Hillary knows voter fraud exists, and that the Democrats tend to benefit from it, otherwise, why would she launch so adamant a campaign to sweep it under the rug and off the media coverage radar?

Cheaters never win, except in this case, they are able to. Even if Republicans were benefitting from voter fraud, they are the ones (for the most part) pushing to make things fair and square with a Voter ID law. Lefties like to say voter fraud is ???almost nonexistent.??? What if we could make it actually nonexistent? Oh wait, we can.

Hillary calls voter ID laws ???restrictive.???

Voter ID laws do not ???restrict??? voters any more than requiring a person to have a drivers??? license restricts that person from driving, and no more than mandating a green card restricts an immigrant from living and working in the U.S.

Hillary says voting laws promote racial discrimination.

Is it any more difficult for a black or Hispanic person to get an ID than it is for a white person? That is a racist notion. What specific hardship do minorities suffer that makes it harder for them to go out and get a voter ID? If they aren???t doing anything wrong, then it shouldn???t be difficult for them to obey a law which simply makes what they???re (presumably) already doing a legal requirement.

Voter ID laws certainly do make voting a little more inconvenient for those who don???t already possess a government ID, but where there???s a will, there???s a way. If a person wants so badly to vote, he???ll find a way. No one is targeted. That???s like an athlete complaining of the heat or the unevenness of the field. Democrats and Republicans, theoretically, suffer and benefit from Voter ID laws equally.

If Hillary is so concerned that the democratic system in the United States will advance racial discrimination, maybe she ought to do the principled thing and refuse to be a part of the system.

Teresa Mull is the managing editor of Human Events.