Gov. Scott Walker to visit Seattle, unions not happy

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, known for his landmark legislation Act 10 that stripped collective bargaining for most of the state???s public unions, will be taking his message to Seattle.

Walker will be in Seattle on Sept. 5 to speak at the Washington Policy Center???s awards dinner, according to a press release from the conservative, free-market think tank. He will be touting his new book, ???Unintimidated: A Governor???s Story and a Nation???s Challenge,??? which chronicles his push against unions in the state.

While the dinner is sold out, not everyone will be welcoming Walker with open arms.

The Stand, a newsletter for the Washington State Labor Council, quotes Phil Neuenfeldt, president of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO, as calling Act 10 ???reckless policy??? and saying it ???cripples workers??? rights on the job.???

Washington Policy Center officials said they are not surprised

Their concern is understandable. Wisconsin unions suffered dramatic declines when Walker???s worker rights policy removed the fear of being fired for employees who declined to give part of their paychecks to one of the state???s dominant unions. Naturally, union executives don???t want Washington state workers to get the same idea.

Union membership has been on the decline since Act 10 passed and the unions have felt the sting, according to Wisconsin Reporter.

The awards dinner will be at the Sheraton ballroom in Seattle and tickets are still available for the Eastern Washington dinner.

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