Whom Would You Trust with Your Savings: Your Grandfather or Big Brother?

Today’s Skousen CAF?? features a guest column from investment writer Dennis Miller, while I am attending and speaking at the San Francisco MoneyShow. His column on Big Brother spending by the Federal government is right on target, and very much in keeping with our theme at next year’s, “Is Big Brother Here?” Also, be sure to read my “You Blew It!” column, which I wrote before leaving for the show.
— Mark Skousen

My grandfather was named William Smith, and he was about as common a man as his name implies. He was an army sergeant in World War II, then came home and ran the family farm when the war was over. I doubt he ever heard of Keynesian or Austrian economic theories, but his words of wisdom made it clear just where he stood.

His advice and opinions were more of the commonsense variety:

  • Spend less than you make, and save the difference.
  • Never trust or depend on the government — look after yourself.

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