The case of the missing Benghazi missiles

The UK Daily Mail reports on the claim by an attorney for Benghazi whistleblowers that four hundred American-made surface-to-air (SAM) missiles were stolen from Libya during the attack, to end up in the hands of al-Qaeda.  And it’s probably not whatever sub-division of al-Qaeda President Obama now claims he really meant when he was shoveling all that fertilizer about having them “decimated” and “on the run” during the 2012 campaign.  (Has anyone turned up a single documented instance of Obama specifying that “core” al-Qaeda was in bad shape, but all the franchises were doing great, from prior to Election Day?)

Joe diGenova, whose wife Victoria Toensing – a former deputy assistant attorney general – also represents Benghazi witnesses and others with knowledge of the terror attack, told WMAL radio that the loss of those missiles is also one the reason the U.S. State Department shut down 19 embassies across the Middle East last week.

‘A lot of people have come forward to share information with us,’ he said during the radio station’s ‘Mornings On The Mall’ program Monday morning.

‘We have learned that one of the reasons the administration is so deeply concerned’ is that ‘there were 400 surface-to-air missiles stolen, and that they are … in the hands of many people, and that the biggest fear in the U.S. intelligence community is that one of these missiles will be used to shoot down an airliner. 400 missiles, surface-to-air missiles, taken from Libya.’

Asked if the missiles are now ‘in the hands of al-Qaeda operatives,’ DiGenova replied, ‘That is what these people are telling us.’

DiGenova said his sources are ‘former intelligence officials who stay in constant contact with people in the Special Ops and intelligence community.’

‘And it’s pretty clear that the biggest concern right now are 400 missiles which have been diverted in Libya and have gotten in the hands of some very ugly people.’

diGenova said that while he was uncertain whether the stolen weapons were being kept at the U.S. Consulate’s CIA annex, ‘it is clear that the annex was somehow involved in the process of the distribution of those missiles.’

Well, you can see why Barack Obama wouldn’t want the American people to know about something like that during his re-election campaign.  The “spontaneous video protest” nonsense his Administration was peddling suddenly seems a lot less nonsensical.  This would also explain the “unprecedented attempt” by the CIA to keep the activities of the “dozens of people” it had on the ground that night under wraps, as CNN reported in early August.  It might also shed some light on why it too so long for FBI investigators to reach the “crime scene,” in addition to the grouchy disposition of a Libyan government that found Obama’s fairy tales about YouTube videos extremely insulting.

diGenova said the missing Benghazi missiles are the reason 19 American embassies across the Middle East were shut down last week.

‘They were afraid that there was going to be a missile attack on one of the embassies. Remember, you can take a shoulder-held missile and shoot it into an embassy. Not just into the sky.’

‘That’s what this was all about,’ he insisted. ‘That’s why they’re so worried. That’s why they have lied repeatedly about what happened in Benghazi, because they are now responsible for all of the stepchildren of violence that happens as a result of this. This is a very serious matter.’

CNS News adds diGenova’s assertion that “we had troops ready to deploy in Croatia to go that night of September 11, 2012 to rescue Americans.”  He also complained about “the flippancy of the president of the United States who talks about a sealed indictment to cover his fanny — to make it look like he’s doing something when in fact he has done nothing,” a reference to Obama’s surprise disclosure during his August 9 press conference – an action that some legal experts believe was a violation of federal law, or would be, if the President was still required to obey laws.