Asylum-seekers overwhelm the border

For a little sneak preview of where our ruling class’ obsession with amnesty for illegal aliens will lead us, take a look at what’s happening on the border right now.  An astonishing surge of asylum seekers has literally overwhelmed U.S. Immigration in San Diego, forcing them to rent out hotel rooms to accommodate the overflow, while some aliens were “released to cities around the U.S.,” according to Fox News:

Sources say one day last week, 200 border-crossers came through the Otay Mesa Port of Entry claiming asylum while and as many as 550 overflowed inside the processing center there and in nearby San Ysidro.

???People were sleeping on floors ??? they had nowhere to put them,??? said one source, a long-time border agent and supervisor. ???This shouldn???t be happening. Unless there is an immediate and well-publicized policy change, this situation will become another debacle.???

At a hotel near San Diego — which Fox News agreed not to identify for security reasons — ICE vans arrived several times over the weekend with immigrant families. They were escorted to the second floor by two armed, uniformed agents. Two border agents secured the entrance and side door.

Documents obtained by Fox News show that recently on a single day, dozens of illegal immigrants were being transferred to an area hotel where rooms cost $99 a night. Others were released to addresses in Texas, Florida and even Brooklyn, N.Y.

This looks like an orchestrated attack on the border.  Asylum requests from Mexico are normally uncommon, and many of the people in this tidal wave are using the same phrase – they’re requesting asylum because they claim they have “credible fear” of violence from drug cartels.  Many of the applicants are busted for using false addresses… but they don’t bother to show up for the asylum hearings, so it doesn’t matter.  The lengthy asylum process gives them plenty of time to blend into the “shadows” we are always told illegal immigrants have been condemned to.

Asylum claims from Mexico are highly unusual and critics say this is an orchestrated sham ??? it’s not about getting asylum, they say, but about overwhelming the system and getting a free pass into the U.S. and a court date for which no one will show up.

???Hundreds of thousands of people have never returned and the list of people for whom warrants are outstanding is phenomenal,??? said Nunez. ???We have a long history of people absconding from immigration hearings of one sort of another, they just blend back into the community.???

ICE sources say an estimated 600,000 to 800,000 illegal immigrants a year do not show up for their court date and disappear into the U.S.

A local Fox News report from Phoenix quotes Nunez explaining something that didn’t make it into the national report: “To make our system even more ridiculous than it has been in the  past.  There are no detention facilities for families, so the family would have to be split up. We don’t want to split families up, so we end up releasing people out into the community on bond, on bail.  It’s a huge loophole.”

This new surge of asylum-seekers from Mexico is more than 10 times the usual rate, while asylum claims overall have tripled during the last four years.  It looks like a deliberate Cloward-Piven strategy to overwhelm the system, taking advantage of the weaknesses deliberately inserted into U.S. immigration policy:

Last week, an asylum officer heard the claims of the “Dream 9,” nine Mexican nationals brought to the U.S. as children. Even though seven of the nine lived, worked and went to school in Mexico without incident, they were granted asylum. Most thought they would be deported.

???The order from Washington are to simply turn these people loose,??? said Ira Mehlman, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform. ???All you have to say is you qualify for the Dream Act and or you intent to apply and they???re instructed by their higher ups to simply turn these people loose, to set them free and let them pursue any path they want.???

For anyone still interested in thinking rationally about the subject, this is a strong argument against creating easily-exploited loopholes in vitally important policies.  Just wait until some mutation of the Gang of Eight immigration bill turns the whole thing into Swiss cheese!  The absurdity of the government renting out $99-per-night hotel rooms to house this sudden wave of fishy asylum-seekers will look like nothing compared to what comes next.  Even without such interference, the flood of illegals would only be reduced by somewhere between 30 and 50 percent by current comprehensive immigration reform proposals, and those estimates probably don’t account for “community organizers” teaching large numbers of people how to game the system.  When policies on a grand scale are drafted, no matter what we decide “the right thing to do” may be, it’s important to keep our heads straight.  Immigration reform is one of those areas where Washington seems to spend very little time considering the effects of bad-faith efforts to manipulate whatever systems it devises.

So we’ve got federal policies deliberately creating the very problem our ruling class insists it must now “fix” at all costs.  It’s been going on for many years.  This accelerating stream of asylum abusers is just an especially egregious example of how people are ushered into those “shadows” we must now help them emerge from.  Nothing about the reform proposals currently on the table will do much to fix the real problems of illegal immigration, which the ruling class is not much interested in addressing.  In fact, one of the provisions in the Gang of Eight bill lifts the deadline for asylum-seekers to apply for a visa, as reported by the Washington Post in April:

Right now, those who come to the United States seeking asylum face a one-year deadline to apply for a visa. Under the Senate Gang of Eight???s bill, that deadline would be completely lifted ??? a change that immigration and human-rights advocates are celebrating.

 The deadline was originally imposed to prevent fraud, but advocates have long complained that it shuts many legitimate asylum-seekers out of the system. ???People who are fleeing for their lives are not necessarily thinking what legal avenue you take or box you check,??? said Greg Chen, advocacy director for the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

The bill would also streamline the process for those declaring that they are seeking asylum when they first arrive to the U.S., make it easier for the spouses and children of asylum-seekers to gain admission and give the State Department more leeway to designate and move refugees.

Yes, removing a deadline designed to help prevent fraud sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it?