Inside The Government???s Crackdown on Insider Trading with Charlie Gasparino

This week on PowerTalk, I???m doing a deep dive on a subject that is literally ripped from the headlines — insider trading. During the last few years, a number of government agencies, including the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, among others, have targeted hedge funds, expert networks and other sources of insider information.

During the last three years, the SEC has filed more insider trading actions (168 in total) than in any three-year period in the agency’s history. Last week, headlines were rampant over insider trading and what it may mean for SAC Capital, one of the most successful hedge funds around, and its leader Steve Cohen.

Joining me to take you behind the scenes and in the know on these probes of the last few years is award-winning journalist and author of the new book ???Circle of Friends,??? Charles Gasparino. I???m sure you???re more than familiar with Charlie and his reporting on the Fox Business Network and the Fox News Channel, where he focuses on major developments in the world of finance and politics. What you may not know is Charlie has won a number of awards for his work, including the prestigious Investigative Reporters and Editors Award for his book ???The Sellout.???

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