Rick Perry voo-doo dolls now on the market

Abortion proponents in Texas aren’t leaving their protests just to signs, chants, and picketing. According to a report from Glenn Beck’s Blaze, a Lonestar State seamstress has begun selling voo-doo dolls of Gov. Rick Perry

???I was inspired to make them because I wanted to figure out something I could make that would send a message and raise money for Planned Parenthood,??? Michelle Sinched said in an interview with the Houston Press. ???What???s better than sticking pins in Gov. Goodhair or burning him at your own doll sized stake????

Perry is on the verge of signing abortion bill HB2, legislation that would put more restrictions on abortion and is said will result in the closing of all but six of the 42 abortion clinics in Texas.

Those looking to stick Gov. Perry for his baby-loving ways have the option to purchase Perry in a suit ($30), or casual Rick ($25), neither of which resemble Rick save for the generally human-looking form. Collect them all! Proceeds go to support Planned Parenthood.