A Profitable Diagnosis on Health-care Investing

We’ve done a few PowerTalks already that have looked at the implications of Obamacare and other regulations. This week, we’re talking about how you can profit from these regulations.

Joining me this week on PowerTalk are George Abraham and Sumesh Sood of Veda Healthcare Partners. Veda is a hedge fund that has been in operation for more than two and a half years and invests in healthcare. From biotech and pharmaceuticals to managed care and generic drugs, these guys are looking at all of it with an eye toward delivering profits for their investors.

Health-care investing can be a tricky thing, but when we look around and see just the shifting demographics — living longer, a heavier population, nutritional concerns and more — it’s apparent that there are a number of pain points. For me, pain points mean opportunity for the prepared investor. Let’s listen to what George and Sumesh see as remedies for not only these issues but also for your wallet.

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