Be Prepared for What Lies Ahead

I???m just back from attending FreedomFest 2013 and for those wondering, I had a great time. There were a number of great presentations at the event, and I was fortunate enough to chair ???The Financial Guru??? panel and participate on the dais during the ???Best Asset Class Debate: Stocks, Gold/Commodities, Real Estate.???

My position was that I simply love stocks and investing in the stock market. As I explained to the thousands in attendance, there are more than the 30 stocks that make up the Dow Jones Industrial Average and more than the 500 that comprise the S&P 500 — there are thousands of stocks across a wide variety of industries.

A plethora of choice. Retail. Biotech. Tech. Machinery. Agricultural and construction equipment. Aerospace. Airlines. Railroads. Shipping. Trucking. Industrials. Rental Companies. Healthcare. Pharmaceuticals. Financials. Banks. Investment Banks. Consumer discretionary. Cable. Telecom. Food. Grocery. Alcohol. Tobacco. Chocolate and candy. Publishing. Movies. TV. Radio. Newspapers. Chips. Internet companies. Social Media. Defense. Energy. Utilities. Oil. Gas. Natural Gas. Coal. Consumer staples. Clothing. Electronics. Computers. Mobile Phones. Smartphones. Tablets. Water. Electricity. HVAC equipment. Rare earth elements. Copper. Gold. Silver. Corn. Wheat. Soybeans. Fertilizer. Packaging companies. Real Estate. Housing. Furniture. Paint. Chemicals. Cabinets. Faucets. Lumber. Security. Cybersecurity.

I mean, don???t get me started.

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