Late-term abortionist advocates toilet delivery

The latest video in the “Inhuman” series on late-term abortion from LiveAction features both a counselor and a doctor at a clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico telling a woman who asks about complications during a 27-week abortion procedure to park herself on a hotel toilet, unlock the door, call the clinic, and wait for help to arrive:

As LiveAction president Lila Rose noted in a statement, this is not only an incredibly dehumanizing set of instructions, it’s wildly irresponsible given the possibly life-threatening situation, and it’s all because abortion clinics don’t want their patients going anywhere near a hospital: “Abortion corporations like Southwestern Women???s Options and Planned Parenthood will say and do anything to ???close the deal.  Leaving a woman alone on the toilet in a hotel room and saying ???call us and we???ll come get you??? – at a time when seconds can make the difference between life and death – is profoundly irresponsible and negligent.  We must never forget that abortion is a business first and foremost – a business willing to destroy a helpless, voiceless child for literally thousands of dollars.”

“We cannot be surprised when they send women off in the middle of a dangerous procedure for ???room-service abortions.???  But we can be disgusted, and we can demand an end to it,” Rose concluded.

We can’t be surprised, but perhaps we can invite fervent abortion supporters to join us in a bit of productive confusion.  I thought this was all supposed to be about “women’s health.”  Abortion proponents – notably including the new face of their movement, Wendy Davis of Texas – can’t even bring themselves to say the word “abortion” any more.  They use “women’s health” as an interchangeable euphemism for the procedure.

But the actual health of the actual women involved in the actual procedure doesn’t seem like a paramount concern, does it?  Room-service abortion and toilet-seat delivery are a far cry from the level of care and safety we would naturally demand in any other delicate medical procedure.  Take away the quotation marks, and this is all about lowering the standards for women’s health.  The regulatory provisions in the recently filibustered-and-mob-ruled Texas abortion bill are rational responses to the Kermit Gosnell horror, tracking closely with recommendations made in numerous other states.  These recommendations were made with an eye toward the death of Gosnell’s patient Karnamaya Mongar, for which he was convicted of manslaughter.  As pro-life liberal columnist Kirsten Powers pointed out at the Daily Beast on Tuesday, only a few clinics have actually been forced to close by the implementation of such regulations in states like Pennsylvania, “which isn’t quite the Armageddon the abortion-rights movement predicted.”

The new LiveAction video once again captures the abortion industry radically underselling the humanity and capacity for pain of the targeted unborn child.  Why is the abortion industry the only big-money operation in America that liberals don’t want held to exacting standards of safety and honesty?