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Rubio makes direct appeal to conservatives on immigration

Marco Rubio feels your pain.

Marco Rubio offered his most direct and personal plea¬†to grassroots conservatives on the Gang of Eight immigration bill today. The debate, Rubio said on the Senate floor, has been ‚??a real trial for me.‚?Ě He spoke about the people who helped elect him and reiterated, on numerous occasions, that his views aligned with conservatives on nearly every other topic. Rubio blamed a growing distrust in government, a history of broken promises on immigration enforcement and falsehoods about the bill itself for the lack of support.

It‚??s doubtful that any appeal will placate the Right when it comes to the bill, but displaying an understanding of the opposition’s position (even defending them from ‚??anti-immigrant‚?Ě label) surely won‚??t hurt Rubio the politician. Because one thing is for sure: this is no John McCain, whose snark is normally unleashed on his own party in moments of disagreement.

Here is the letter Rubio is circulating.

Below is the video:

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