Undercover video: abortionist compares procedure to getting a flu shot

The latest undercover video from Live Action’s “Inhuman” series on late-term abortion and its survivors takes us behind closed doors at an Albuquerque, New Mexico clinic, where a counselor and abortion doctor falsely assure the prospective patient that her 24-week fetus doesn’t look like a baby, and won’t feel pain:

“What do you consider a ‘baby?'” the counselor asks dismissively, summing up much of the abortion debate in a single burst of callous indifference.  That’s what this is really all about.  People who view the targets of abortion as “babies” are much less likely to support the procedure than those who regard it as the surgical removal of a tissue mass.  Move that same mass of tissue a few inches outside the womb, where its face can be seen – and its name can be spoken – and suddenly we’re talking about murder instead of a “flu shot.”  Does that really make sense?

Is anyone surprised that the abortion industry deliberately employs dehumanizing language and deception to keep its customers rolling in?  That’s been the first step in every organized effort to end human life, throughout history.  Most Americans think of abortion as a grave decision made after intense contemplation.  That’s not what you’re seeing on these Live Action videos, not at all.  Clinic staffers and doctors are telling pregnant woman to regard abortion the same way they’d think about nipping over to the local Costco for a flu shot.  For my money, abortion is not considered with appropriate gravity unless we first acknowledge there are three lives involved: the mother, the father, and the baby.  To begin the discussion from any other perspective is dishonest.  (And while there’s not much an individual mother can do if the father doesn’t want to part of the discussion, society in general should not excuse or ignore them.)

Statement from LiveAction president Lila Rose:

These babies, whom Carmen Landau calls “not a thinking being,” are unique and precious human persons. They feel, they dream, they grow???and when an abortionist tries to kill them with a needle or with forceps, they react. They fight for their lives, just as any of us would.

Our investigation has exposed the disturbing willingness of abortionists to engage in illegal and inhuman acts, including misleading pregnant women, pushing them into abortion, and even infanticide. This is horrible, but Americans should know just as well the horrifying practices that are still legal, that we allow to happen every day.

[…] Every human being is unique and precious from the moment of conception. But abortionists will not give even these babies ??? 24 weeks, 27 weeks, viable, capable of surviving outside the womb ??? the dignity of humanity. So we want to put the question in every American???s head: if not even these babies are worthy of humanity in the abortionist???s eyes, then what is human? What does “human” even mean?

To claim dignity for ourselves, without granting it to others, is arrogance.  “What do you consider a ‘baby?'” is a good question.  “What does the baby consider you?” is an even better one.