How the Internet sales tax will kill my small business

Catesby Jones, President of Peace Frogs, a clothing company in Gloucester, Virginia, speaks about the Marketplace Fairness Act in this video made by the folks at the Heritage Foundation:

???We probably would let loose 10% of our workforce,??? he worries. ???The internet is really a great way where kids can come back and operate a business and run something from a rural area, and you just don???t get that in many places.???

He expresses serious concern with the new bill. He writes: “It???s an attack on small businesses like mine. If you look at who???s lining up for and against the misnamed Marketplace Fairness Act, mostly large corporations are beating up on us small guys. They have the lobbyists, they have the muscle, and they have what it takes to impose burdensome regulations on online entrepreneurs.”

Caroline Mahony is an editorial intern with Human Events.