Abortion doctor: late-term procedure is "like putting meat in a Crock-Pot"

The fourth undercover video in LiveAction’s “Inhuman” expose of late-term abortion brings us renowned abortionist Dr. LeRoy Carhart reassuring a pregnant woman that carrying a dead 26-week baby inside her womb for three days is no big deal.  “It’s like putting meat in a Crock-Pot, OK?” he says.

Carhart also jokes that his tools for dismembering and removing a dead child include “a pickaxe” and “a drill bit.”  When advising the woman to allow nothing into her vagina for three weeks after the procedure, he says, “As I tell everyone, that includes fingers, friends, and fruit, OK?”

The famed abortionist begins telling his patient that she’ll be affected emotionally and psychologically by the procedure… but then he tries to portray it as a positive life experience, dismissing the notion of post-abortion depression.  “I think out of respect and love and honor for this baby that you’ve lost, you will find yourself being a better person,” he assures the woman.

This baby you’ve… lost?

Someone really ought to send this video to Kermit Gosnell.  He’d probably find it hilarious, and he could use some cheering up.

Dr. Carhart reassures the undercover filmmaker that he’s never had to send one of his patients to the hospital.  Tragically, two months after the first part of the Live Actionvideo was recorded, one of his patients died following a later-term abortion procedure, prompting an investigation.  One of the complaints against Carhart in the death of this patient, 29-year-old Jennifer Morbelli (and her 33-week baby) is that he “abandoned his patient by leaving the state and not answering calls for help,” according to the Washington Examiner

Concerns have also been raised about the safety of the late-term abortion process itself since the surgical abortion process takes several days and requires patients to stay overnight in hotels without access to monitoring or emergency care even while experiencing active labor.

A previous complaint filed by [Operation Rescue senior policy advisor Cheryl] Sullenger against Carhart resulted in a letter of admonishment being placed in his file by the MDBP after her allegations that he lied on his Maryland medical license application were found to have merit.

Sullenger was also a complainant in the disciplinary case against a Kansas associate of Carhart???s, Ann Kristin Neuhaus, that resulted in the revocation of Neuhaus??? Kansas medical license last year after it was determined that she regularly provided Carhart and others with illegitimate late-term abortion referrals based on phony mental health excuses.

Like other late-term abortion doctors and clinic staffers profiled in the “Inhuman” series, Carhart frantically instructs his prospective patient not to call 911 if she goes into labor during the procedure, because “they’ll take you to the hospital, right?  They won’t bring you to the clinic, so…”

Instead, he advises her to get in a car and drive to the clinic, or call him.  And this later segment of the video was made 7 weeks after Jennifer Morbelli’s death.  Put that in your Crock-Pot and slow-cook it.

These Live Action videos should be a shocking wake-up call for those who believe late-term abortions are treated with serious moral and intellectual gravity by clinic doctors and staff.  There’s no effort here to hold a sober discussion with the prospective patient about a momentous decision that will terminate a human life.  The consequences are not accurately described.  This isn’t what the average person thinks is going on behind the doors of abortion clinics.