What the Boston terror attack says about the U.S. economy

Until now the media and terrorism experts have only discussed the human tragedy of the Boston Terror attack. But what about the economic tragedy this foretells? We are in grave danger.

First, this is much more than pure terrorism. It is economic terrorism. Our radical Muslim enemies are not interested in just the immediate pain of a terrorist attack. This is all part of a long-term purposeful plan to bleed our economy dry and cause economic collapse. And it’s working.

Each time there is a new terrorist attack, no matter how small, no matter how ineffective, they scare Americans into accepting a much bigger police state. More money is spent on security, more police are hired, Homeland Security expands and dramatically increases its budget, the FBI and CIA ask for more money, each city on the Terrorism Threat list demands more money, and each police department in America demands more sophisticated weaponry. Don???t forget the cost to private industry. Each threat of terrorism results in millions more being spent to guard each sporting event, political event, celebrity event. This all raises taxes, the cost to attend each event, and of course the exploding national debt. Each and every attack, or even attempted attack, is met with hysterical cries to grow government bigger and spend more- and it???s all money we don???t have.

This is no accident. Our enemies are well aware we are an aging superpower, past our prime, hemorrhaging debt. Their attacks are planned specifically to compound and hasten our demise. This will end badly. Radical Islam cannot defeat us on the battlefield. They know they cannot defeat us with one gigantic attack. So instead they are defeating us with a thousand paper cuts. They know the reaction to terror attacks is fear and panic. They know we will give up freedom for more security. And they know security costs money we don’t have. It???s only a matter of time before our economy self-destructs.

But that???s only part one of a powerful one-two punch. Here???s the missing piece of the puzzle that no one in the media seemed to notice. The Boston Terror attack exposed
the gigantic scam going on in the U.S. economy. First, we found out the Boston terrorists and their family sucked our dysfunctional system dry for $100,000 in welfare benefits. They stole our money while they plotted to kill us. That should sicken every American taxpayer. But that???s not even the big picture. Big government-loving Obama and the biased-liberal media have refused to connect the dots.

The Boston terrorists are symbols of exactly what is happening to the U.S. economy. And it???s also a wake up call: what about all the other immigrants – legal and illegal – who are involved in the same scam? But the only thing we hear from the media and many politicians is that immigrants just want to ???live the American Dream.???

Here???s the reality. Unfortunately, many immigrants aren???t here for freedom or the American dream. They are here to ???game the system.??? They are here for welfare, food stamps, disability, housing allowances, aid to dependent children, free medical, free education, and free meals at school. It???s all bankrupting America. I’m all for more legal immigration, as long as newly arrived immigrants cannot access the welfare system, if they???re not taxpayers. But we all know Obama won’t allow that to happen.

But it gets even worse. Now comes the clincher that the media has not even noticed. The mother of the Boston Terrorists quit her job doing facials at a Boston salon. She
proceeded to continue her career- providing facials for clients at home. Why doesn???t anyone connect the dots? She was working for CASH. While she collected $100,000
in welfare, food stamps and housing allowances. This is the double scam that was exposed by the Boston Terror attackers.

This one isn???t about immigrants. Everyone is in on the scam. This symbolizes a massive threat to our economic stability. You???ve heard the stats- 90 million working-age, able-bodied Americans are no longer working. That???s a fact. My new book, The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide, clearly details how Obama???s policies got us to this deplorable number of unemployed.

The Boston terrorist story has ???broken the code.??? The scam is exposed. Many of these 90 million Americans are gaming the system. They are DOUBLE scamming the taxpayers. They are working for cash, while they also collect welfare, unemployment, disability, and of course food stamps. They are working as gardeners, nannies, bartenders, waiters, dishwashers- you name it- for cash. They pay no taxes. They are off the books. They are in the massive underground economy. Which allows them to claim they are not working. Which qualifies them for government handouts at the expense of honest hard-working taxpayers like you and me.

We???re being scammed, folks. The scale is massive. And the burden falls on taxpayers straining to survive on lower incomes and higher taxes. The few honest, hardworking people left in America are being squeezed to death. And to keep the scam going they all voted for Barack Obama and his socialist cabal.