Reid: ObamaCare just needs more money

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) made an unusual appearance on my friend Rusty Humphries’ radio show Wednesday afternoon.  Kudos to Senator Reid for granting such a lengthy interview to a conservative talk-show host, and also fielding questions from listeners.  Click below for the full interview, beginning with a hilarious boxing-match introduction.

Reid is willing to stick by his old slander of the Tea Party as a gang of anarchists, so at least he’s consistent in his vicious dishonesty.

There’s a funny passage where he claims he actually read ObamaCare in its entirety before voting it, and could pass a “test” on the legislation, but then later he bungles the phony statistic for uninsured Americans used by the ObamaCare con artists.  Reid claims 50 to 60 million people have no health insurance; Obama’s phony statistic was 30-45 million (or 20-25 million, depending on whether he had the stones to include illegal aliens in the total); the actual number of “hardcore” uninsured American citizens is more like 9 million.  The jury is still out on whether ObamaCare will reduce this number, or make it worse.  The smart money is on the latter; so far it’s mostly re-arranged who the uninsured are.

Reid was willing to agree with Senator Max Baucus’ assessment of ObamaCare as a “train wreck,” but he thinks the only problem is insufficient government spending.  (Amusingly, Reid assured a caller that money would be pulled from things President Obama “feels are less important in the healthcare bill” and spent on advertising its virtues to a public that hates it.  That sounds like a brilliant way to invest public money – a new paint job for the train wreck!)  Remember when the ObamaCare liars were telling us this disaster would reduce the deficit?  And just wait until all the illegal immigrants Reid wants to “bring out of the shadows” climb aboard that runaway train.  You’ll see some real spending then!

The Majority Leader states, for the record, that he opposes the efforts of Congress to exempt themselves from ObamaCare, but then he talks about all the special rules they’ll need to pass in order to make this glorious health-care reform work properly for Congressional staffers.  Wait a minute… didn’t he just say he read the bill before he voted on it, and could pass a test on anything in its thousands of pages?  How come he didn’t see these problems coming?

There’s a hair-raising passage where Reid talks about his wife finding a bomb in their car, following an unsuccessful effort to bribe him when he chaired the Nevada Gaming Commission in the early 80s.  The Las Vegas Review-Journal published a summary of the case in 2009, with excerpts from Reid’s book “The Good Fight,” which you can read here.

Reid’s characterizes the pre-war Saddam Hussein as a spent dictator who was “on his way out” and could barely afford to gas up his vehicles.  But then he describes Saddam as an “iron-fisted dictator.”  Well, which was it?  Empty gas tank or iron fist?

Bill Clinton will be pleased to know that, if history can set that whole perjury / oral sex in the Oval Office thing aside, he’ll be judged one of the top five presidents in American history, according to Harry Reid.  He thinks Jimmy Carter has been wonderful as an ex-president, too.  Sadly, he refused to name the person currently serving in the Senate who most annoys him, but maybe that can be wheedled out of him in a future interview, if said Senator continues to get on his nerves.

Senator Reid also talks about gun control, Benghazi, welfare, immigration reform, and the role of government in the course of the interview.



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