Chris Versace's PowerTalk with Dr. John Lott, Jr., Author of "At The Brink"

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Last week we got the latest rash of economic data that shows that while the U.S. economy is not falling off a cliff, it???s not exactly lighting the world on fire. In recent weeks, we???ve gotten figures that point to more people falling our of the work force, heard more about cyber attacks and watched the tragedy in Boston while the issue of gun control percolates in Washington.

We???ve also started to realize what the true cost of Obamacare will be when its fully implement in 2014. Even The New York Times ran a story recently with the headline ???Democratic Senators Tell White House of Concerns About Health Care Law Rollout???

"At the Brink" by Dr. John Lott, Jr.

It also seems that many across the pond in the Eurozone are realizing that austerity is not the solution. After years of insisting that the primary cure for Europe???s malaise is to slash spending, the champions of austerity, most notably Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, find themselves under intensified pressure to back off unpopular remedies and find some way to restore faltering growth to the world???s largest economic bloc.

Joining me this week to make some sense of all of this is Dr. John Lott, economist and author of the new book ???At The Brink.??? In his new tome, John talks about how the Obama stimulus was the most expensive failure in history, why debt will continue to grow under Obama and why you can expect soaring health care costs.

It???s a book that Kevin Hassett, Director of Economic Policy Studies and senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute says is ???chock full of sober, fact driven analysis that is must reading for anyone who wants a glimpse of our near future.???

Not only is it that but John Lott has a number of charts and graphics that crystalize the central points. After hearing that you may be excited to see the book, but just wait until you hear what he tells me.

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