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Check out Boston magazine’s incredible new cover

This is the May cover of Boston Magazine. It’s called “We Will Finish the Race,” and it’s beautiful — conveying as much about the bombing as it does about the resilience of those who went through it.

Atlantic Wire emailed the Associate Art Director Liz Noftle, who had this to say:

We wanted to do something really special that would honor the runners and everything they had to go through in the events of marathon. We had only a few days to pull something together. Monday night we came up with the concept, and Tuesday began to execute it. It was only made possible by the help of everyone on staff. We reached out to anyone and everyone to collect shoes in less than 48 hours. It was a tremendous effort by everyoneâ??people going out of their way to bring in shoes, interns collecting them, organizing couriers to bring them here. Then we drove them all down to New York on Thursday, where Mitchell Feinberg photographed them, and we closed the magazine while the city was in lockdown on Friday.

cover boston

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