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FBI releases photos and video of Boston bombing suspects

The public is asked to help locate these individuals.

The FBI has released photos and video of two individuals identified as “suspects” (not just “persons of interest”) in the Boston Marathon bombings.  From Fox News:

The suspects, one of whom wore a backwards white ballcap and the other who wore a dark cap,appear to be in their twenties and were captured on footage near where one of two explosions killed three and injured 176.

“We consider them to be extremely dangerous and armed,” said FBI Special Agent Rick Deslauriers. “With the Media’s help, we know the public will create a critical role in locating these suspects.

“The nation is counting on those with info to come forward,” he added, urging anyone who recognizes the men to call 1-800-CALL-FBI or go to the bureau’s website,

Deslauriers said investigators first focused on one man, who wore the backwards cap, then realized he appeared to be working with another man.

“Through the last day or so, we developed a single person of interest,” Deslauriers said. “Indeed though that process we have identified a second suspect. We believe they are associated.”

The second suspect was seen dropping a backpack as both walked single file on Boylston Street, where both of the bombs exploded.

Here’s the surveillance video released by the FBI:

Images of the backwards-cap suspect:





The second suspect:




According to the Fox report, another promising lead is that one of the bomb batteries was apparently taken out of a remote-controlled toy, which could make it easier to track down the purchaser.  The authorities are also running searches on an archive of over 30,000 social media messages sent within the area of the attack.

The phone number for contacting Boston authorities with any information about these suspects is 1-800-494-TIPS.

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