Poll: Americans don't think gun control is important

The latest Gallup poll puts gun control pretty far down the list of priorities with the American people.  Washington’s other great current obsession, immigration reform, doesn’t fare too well either.

The survey, which sought public opinion on “the most important problem facing the country today,” was conducted April 4 through April 7.



As with every poll, a field day can be had digging through these results, and it would be easy to read far too much into them.  It seems clear enough that the intense media and political focus on gun control, at a moment that might fairly be described as its modern high-water mark, has not resulted in much public interest.  Actually, those Gallup tracking numbers show public concern about gun control declining slightly over the last few months, but it was so low to begin with that the decline might be statistical noise.

Meanwhile, the federal debt we’re not supposed to worry about, and the economy we’re supposed to believe is “poised for recovery,” remain top issues.  The government that demands more power over our lives remains a source of dissatisfaction.  Digging into the poll internals, we find that “the gap between rich and poor” (i.e. “income inequality”) is one of the lowest-ranked concerns on the list, struggling to remain relevant with just one percent of the respondents.

There are plenty of things on this list that conservatives would like to see ranked higher, too.  Some of those items should be tied directly into those top three or four concerns – for example, the “economy in general” is not going to improve until “taxes” get lower.  But the important point is that the Left’s pet issues receive overwhelming media and cultural support, and they’re not getting anywhere.  “Income inequality” is blasted into the public’s face with a megaphone for years on end, and it can’t crack one percent?

The battlefield for American opinion is wide open, and the immense advantages enjoyed by the Left really don’t seem to have won any decisive terrain.  Let’s see how they handle a strong counterattack.