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Gun control legislation fails in Senate

Gun control legislation falls short.

The compromise legislation authored by Sens. Joe Manchin and Pat Toomey, which would have expanded mandatory background checks for gun sales, fell six votes short on Wed.  The amendment failed 54-46.

In addition to Toomey, GOP Sens. John McCain, Susan Collins, and Mark Kirk voted yes on the amendment.

Democrats  Max Baucus, Mark Begich, Heidi Heitkamp and Mark Pryor voted with Republicans — as did Harry Reid, in a procedural vote.

???I did what I thought was the right thing for our country,” Toomeyexplained in a statement. “I sought out a compromise position that I thought could move the ball forward on an important matter of public safety. My only regret is that our amendment did not pass. It???s not the outcome I hoped for, but the Senate has spoken on the subject, and it???s time to move on. We have a lot of other very important issues to deal with such as getting the economy back on track, dealing with the debt ceiling and creating more jobs for Pennsylvanians.???


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