Letter to the editor: American Conservative Union

Dear Human Events Editor:

Contrary to the accusation in Sunday???s article, we are not ???lobbying to ensure that budget cuts do not extend to national defense and transportation contracts of [our] liking.???

As we have for almost 50 years, the American Conservative Union continues to support conservative budget proposals in Congress which include much-needed cuts in spending. We even advocate that both infrastructure and defense appropriations should be subject to reductions. But, we believe in smart cuts.

We take great exception to any insinuation of motivation other than to independently advocate for policies that reduce wisely the size and scope of the federal government.

This program may or may not launch, and remains a preliminary work in progress. But, we have not contacted government contractors about it.

Government needs to shrink. But, it also needs to fulfill the duties set forth in the Constitution, including defense and infrastructure.

Before pointing the finger at fellow conservatives, its important to get your facts right.

Al Cardenas
American Conservative Union