Gun control legislation clears hurdle — with GOP help

Today, the Senate voted to move forward on debate of new gun control legislation, approving a procedural motion with a 68-31 vote.

The Senate will now take up the Democratic proposal which would expand background checks, place stricter enforcement on gun trafficking and increase funding for school security. Yesterday’s compromise between West Virginia’s Joe Manchin and Pennsylvania’s Pat Toomey gave many Republicans cover to stop a threatened filibuster by conservatives in the Senate. The bill, as it stands now, it is unlikely to pass the House.

Here are the 16  Republicans who voted in favor of the motion — and the two Democrats who voted against it:

Lamar Alexander 

Kelly Ayotte

Richard Burr

Saxby Chambliss

Tom Coburn

Susan Collins

Bob Corker

Jeff Flake

Lindsey Graham

John Hoeven

Johnny Isakson

Dean Heller

Mark Kirk

John McCain

Pat Toomey

Roger Wicker

Red State Democrats  Mark Begich and Mark Pryor  were nos.