Medal of Honor Roll Call: Father Emil J. Kapaun

Father Emil J. Kapaun, Pilsen, Kansas, will receive his Medal of Honor more than 60 years after his death at an April 11 White House ceremony.

Kapaun was the iconic Army chaplain. He served in Korea and after less than five months in theater, he was captured in Nov. 2, 1950. In the POW camp, Kapaun was a constant presence supporting the other prisoners of all faiths and backgrounds.

The priest could have escaped capture, but he chose to remain behind with the wounded as his camp was overrun by the Chinese.

Hobbled by a blood clot in his leg, he continued his daily rounds until finally he was taken to a medical facility. Despite his obvious peril, Kapaun was denied medical treatment and his died May 23, 1951.

The chaplain was awarded the Distinquished Service Cross for his courage under fire pothumously. The MOH is an upgrade of his DSC.

What is interesting about Kapaun’s Medal of Honor is that the Catholic Diocese of Wachita is advocating for the Vatican to recognize him as a saint.

Wouldn’t that be something?

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