Can a Republican replace Jesse Jackson Jr.?

If there’s one thing on which Democrats and Republicans can agree it is that Chicago is a wasteland of drug and gang violence. What seems to separate the two, however, are the solutions proposed. While Democrats propose a strengthening of the policies that have helped create a defenseless population held at the mercy of criminals, Republicans have vocally supported the Second Amendment and the natural right of citizens to defend their homes and families.

Into this debate steps a remarkable candidate, a black Illinois Republican named Paul McKinley. A convicted felon who transformed his life by helping many others transform their own, his tale of redemption is empowering, and his fight against the Chicago Machine is worthy of our support.

In a district teeming with politically shady characters and seething with drug violence long ignored by the Chicago Machine, McKinley is the right choice to represent the district. He understands rhe corruption of the Chicago machine, the plague of drug violence destroying society, and that no amount of gun control will take one gun out of a criminals hands,. Paul McKinley is today an upstanding member of the community, an organizer who has helped many people change their lives.

Arrested for armed robbery, McKinley served nearly twenty years behind bars. Released in 1998, he has since dedicated his life to helping offenders transform their lives by helping them find meaningful employment and keeping their lives on-track. But law-abiding citizens continue to live in fear from the drug criminals ravaging Chicago while the political elites discuss “common sense” gun control measures that are “certain” to succeed in deterring the purchase of firearms by criminals where so many have failed previously.

Familiar with both criminality and his community’s inability to defend itself from drug criminals that simply ignore gun laws to commit their nefarious deeds, Paul McKinley has had enough. He ran for Illinois’ 2nd District and won the Republican primary to now go head-to-head against Robin Kelly, a product of the Chicago machine.

Illinois’ 2nd-Congressional District is heavily Democratic and the Democrats’ pick, Robin Kelly, has an obvious advantage. However, to ensure that Chicagoans remain under the thumb of the infamous Chicago machine – having producing corrupt politicians since Capone and O’Bannon were shooting it out on the North side – gun-grabbing Billionaire Michael Bloomberg pumped over $2 million into the Democratic primary to ensure his hand-picked anti-gun rights zealot would win.

Consistent with their typical hypocrisy, liberals, who have been clamoring about big money in elections since Citizens United, have remained delighted about the prospect of Bloomberg’s superPAC financing yet another Chicago Democrat to replace the last one that was forced out due to overwhelming corruption. In Chicago politics, few things seem to change. That’s where Paul McKinley comes in…

McKinley is the first to say he is not running against any one candidate, but that he is running against the corrupt Chicago machine. And McKinley has not shied away from his past, often noting that he is, “An ex offender trying to stop the next offender.” In a district riddled with violent crime produced by decades of some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, it is long overdue that we begin to listen to people who understand that laws that hinder, if not prohibit, legal access to firearms do nothing to stop guns from ending up in the hands of criminals who- as the name suggests- do not obey laws.

It’s immoral to force a citizen to decide whether to leave him and his family vulnerable or to become a criminal simply for possessing the means with which a person can defend himself and his family. When laws create criminals for the offense of preparing for their own defense, then it is time to change the law.

It is encouraging to see that after decades of corruption and anti-gun zealotry that has wrought untold death and carnage on citizens unable to defend themselves, we are finally seeing a candidate emerge who has made it his goal to actually represent the interests of his constituents by reaffirming those rights that they should already have.

What happens in Chicago stays in Chicago, right? Wrong. As Chicago residents consider who will replace disgraced ex-congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., Democrats have worked to try and paint this as a local affair. However, America should take notice of the Congressional election as this is a national election- and the Chicago political machine has poisoned our national political system enough already. As this country ponders the insane policies of gun control hysterics, we need voices in Congress who understand that no government can better do for you that which you have a right to do for yourself: defend your business, your home, and your family.

Todd Cefaratti is the freedom organizer of, which he founded in 2009. He is also the editor of the Tea Party News Network, which he founded in 2012.



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