McCaskill: Crazies like Ted Cruz want to drive us off the right edge of the world

Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill, appearing on msnbc???s Morning Joe Tuesday, engaged in some concern trolling, sounding off on Republican Senator Ted Cruz and others who she claims practice destructive ideological rigidity.

“We’ve got good news ??? on the other side, it’s a mess. They’ve really got a civil war within the party … You’ve got people who are willing to compromise and understand the beauty of compromise in democracy. And then you’ve got people like Ted Cruz and some of the others who just think they want to drive as hard as they can off the right edge of the world.”

It’s a waste of time to point out that McCaskill never makes sense. Does she really believe its “good news” that a Senator from one of the largest and most prosperous states is trying to destroy the nation? And surely, it’s useless to point out that McCaskill wasn’t keen on the ???beauty of compromise in democracy??? when a fully partisan legislative effort like Obamacare, which not a single Republican Senator (not even those who understand the deep beauty of compromise) was on the docket.

She goes on to say: “It’s the reason I could win, because, frankly, they nominated a flawed candidate who was so extreme. But it wasn’t so much what Todd Akin said, it was what he believed ??? and that is the base of the Republican Party right now.”

I realize the radicalization-of-the-GOP storyline is embedded in the media’s coverage of  Washington, but can’t anyone challenge a comment this ridiculous? Of course Republicans ran some flawed candidates, but does ???the base??? of the GOP believe that the female body has the magical ability to prevent pregnancy in the case ???legitimate rape???? Didn???t the entire conservative movement condemn Akin after his comments? Didn???t everyone from Karl Rove to the Tea Party beg Akin to step down?

Now McCaskill does have a point. She???s fortunate that she was matched up against one of the biggest political dolts in the country, because in that department, there were few who can outdo her.

Watch the video:

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