The unanswered questions of Benghazi

Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News is among the few mainstream media reporters to pursue the Benghazi story seriously.  On Wednesday evening, she used her Twitter account to run through the questions posed by CBS, but still unanswered by the Administration.  She also reviewed the few questions that have been answered.  The whole stream of messages has helpfully been collected here by Jimmie Bise, Jr.

Here are Attkisson’s unanswered questions of Benghazi:

1. What time was Ambassador’s Stevens’ body recovered, what are the known details surrounding his disappearance and death, including where he/his body was taken/found/transported and by whom?

2. Who made the decision not to convene the Counterterrorism Security Group (CSG) the night of the Benghazi attacks?  We understand that convening the CSG a protocol under Presidential directive (“NSPD-46”). Is that true? If not, please explain.  If so, why was the protocol not followed?

3. Is the Administration revising the applicable Presidential directive? If so, please explain.

4. Was the President aware of Gen. Petraeus’ potential problems prior to Thurs., Nov. 8, 2012?  And What was the earliest that any White House official was aware? Please provide details.

5. What is your response to the President stating that on Sept. 12, he called 911 a terrorist attack, in light of his CBS interview on that date in which he answered that it was too early to know whether it was a terrorist attack?

6. Is anyone being held accountable for having no resources close enough to reach this high-threat area within 8+ hours on Sept. 11?

7. A Benghazi victim’s family member stated that Mrs. Clinton told him she would find and arrest whoever made the anti-Islam video.  Is this accurate?  If so, what was Mrs. Clinton’s understanding at the time of what would be the grounds for arrest?  If true, what is the Administration’s view regarding other videos or future material that it may wish were not published, but are legal?

8. White House still will not respond to our request for any White House photos taken Benghazi night.

9. Admin. still hasn’t provided Benghazi surveillance video originally promised for public release around last Thanksgiving.

10. Admin. hasn’t provided accounting of Benghazi survivors or the transcripts of their interviews done shortly after the attacks.

Attkisson also observed that “so far, not one piece of paper generated by [the NSA, State Department, Defense Intelligence Agency, or CIA] on Benghazi night is deemed a document the public is entitled to see.”