Bill Maher makes racist “joke” about Herman Cain

Boy, these “tolerant” liberals are really on a tear lately!  Misogynist cracks about female victims of sexual assault, Alec Baldwin investigated for a hate crime by the NYPD, and now painfully non-funny “comedian” Bill Maher offering a racist joke at the expense of 2012 presidential candidate Herman Cain, recently hired as a Fox News contributor.

Maher’s little “joke,” delivered via Twitter, read as follows:


By the way, if you need a sampling of complete imbeciles for some sort of scientific experiment, just check out the people who respond with approval to a knuckle-dragger like Maher.  There’s enough pure concentrated stupid in his Twitter feed to distort the Higgs field and trigger the collapse of the universe.

It’s not a surprise to find Bill Maher acting like a pig, but you’ve got to wonder if anyone at HBO has a sense of shame, or if the network even understands the concept of standards and practices.  Barack Obama must be so proud that a million dollars of this racist’s money went into his re-election effort.

But this might just be a “teachable moment” for a few people that retain modest critical thinking skills in Maher’s audience.  Of course this would be an instantaneous career-ender, if it wasn’t a liberal in good standing talking about a black conservative.  You don’t have to like anything about Herman Cain to grow uneasy with the totalitarian implications of granting or rescinding human dignity based on political views.  You just need a functional moral compass, and a dash of American spirit.