The state of Obama is 'nonsensical'

During the State of the Union address last week, President Barack Obama wound down his speech with nonsensical pleas for federal gun control laws based on fear tactics and a dishonest formula.

Obama says that Congress ought to initiate tough new gun control laws and background checks. Yet, knee-jerk reactionary laws that have been proposed by the most progressive, anti-liberty representatives in Congress will do nothing to prevent violent crime.

Obama???s speech amounts to huff, puff, and propaganda.

Let???s look at the data, instead:

The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act which was signed into law by President William J. Clinton on Nov. 30, 1993 requires that background checks be conducted on individuals before a firearm may be purchased from a federally licensed dealer, manufacturer or importer.

Approval is obtained through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System maintained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

So, in order for the President to be correct that we need tougher background checks then we must believe that Obama is unaware of the Brady Act or that the federal government is not enforcing the law.

According to statistics compiled by the Bureau of Justice the homicide rate since the year 2000 has declined to levels that were last seen in the mid-1960s. According to a 2011 gallop poll, 47% of American adults report that they have a gun in their home or elsewhere on their property. This is a 6-point increase from 2000.

Crime rate statistics compiled by the Census Bureau for the year 2009, reports that compared to other states in the union, the State of Maine has the lowest rate of violent crime per 100,000 people.

Maine firearm regulations are minimal; no firearm registration, no permit to purchase or owner license required. Maine is a ???shall issue??? state for concealed carry handguns. Open carry is generally permitted. There is no assault weapons ban.

Twenty percent of all homicides in this country occur in 4 cities with just 6% of the population ??? New York, Chicago, Detroit and Washington D.C. All have strict gun control. (???Gun Rights Fact Book??? Gottlieb, Alan M., Merril Press, 1989)

When the Heller ruling struck down a gun ban in the Washington D.C. in 2008, violent crime rates plummet by 25% in 2009, compared to a national drop of 7%. (???Shooting Blanks??? Gottlieb, Alan M., Merril Press, 2011)

An isolated incidence of brutal crime that is highlighted in the news does not represent the norm. Capitalizing on horrific crimes such as the Newtown, Connecticut murders or the Aurora, Colorado murders is a fear tactic for the gun grabbers to produce more laws. They glean in the illusion that violent crime is on the rise, when the data says it is not.

Big government???s control of our lives, rejection of the Bill of Rights, and massive tax and spend policies should not be the goal of Congress. They ought to be focusing on cutting spending, and balancing their budget.

Obama said an up or down vote on federal gun prohibition is a way to secure America and reduce what he calls a rise in violence. He repeatedly said the victims deserve a vote.

The victims deserve a reasoned and thoughtful review from local municipalities that understand the dynamics of crime, and the dynamics of its turf. The federal government is not equipped to make gun control provisions for the entire nation because what may be effective in Chicago, Illinois may not be effective in Boise, Idaho.

The closer to the people laws are generated, the more positive effect it has. Gun control only punishes law abiding citizens and leaves Americans vulnerable to harm.

Want to do something to prevent violent crime from happening? Be safe by being armed.