Georgia Democrat: "No one has a right to make fun of anyone."

Arrogance, thin skin, and a profound misunderstanding of the American Constitution converge in a bill advanced by Georgia Democratic State Rep. Earnest Smith, which would impose a $1,000 fine against people who make lewd Photoshops.

I know what you’re probably thinking, but Rep. Smith is way ahead of you.  He told Fox News, “Everyone has a right to privacy.  No one has a right to make fun of anyone.  It???s not a First Amendment right.”

Well, it shouldn’t take long for the Supreme Court to find that “no one has a right to make fun of anyone” clause in the First Amendment.  But just in case the justices can’t find it, Fox asked Smith if he’s got a Plan B.  “At this juncture, I am not at liberty to share anything with you.  I don???t have to.  If and when this bill passes we can revisit the issue and if I choose to give you details at that time I will, but until then I don???t have to tell you anything.”

It’s odd that he doesn’t have more details to share, since he’s been working on this bill for a year.  He started after “a teenage girl was subjected to online attacks,” but now he’s really determined, because some smart-aleck blogger named Andre Walker p-shopped a picture of Smith’s head onto the body of a male porn star.  He says he doesn’t get why Smith is so worked up about having his head relocated to such a fit and trim body.

Smith also complained that America is becoming “a nation of vulgar people.”  Oh, man, has that train ever left the station.

A fellow lawmaker described Smith as “the conductor of his own crazy train.”  Besides pursuing the worst possible strategy for responding to ridicule, he’s wasting everyone’s time with this nonsense.  Judging by his bio, Smith seems like a decent and accomplished man who has better things to do with his time.  It would be nice if the political class avoided what the Constitution obviously prohibits.  But then we wouldn’t have ObamaCare, would we?