Columbia professor hails mad-dog killer as "exciting real-life superhero"

Marc Lamont Hill is a “professor, author, activist, and anthropologist” associated with Columbia University.  Columbia University might want to change that.  Fast.

Hill is such a moral dwarf that he still doesn’t understand what he did wrong.  “Let me say it ONE MORE TIME,” he howled on Twitter.  “I don’t support what Dorner did.  But I DO support the public conversation on police terrorism.”

“Police terrorism.”  Have the police been murdering innocent women and then ringing up their fathers to taunt them, as Chris Dorner did?

It doesn’t help that you were practically bouncing in your seat when you gushed that following the Dorner saga was like watching “Django Unchained,” Professor.

The video comes courtesy of, where Katie Pavlich has been trying to penetrate the shell of moral relativism surrounding this nut.  She pithily summarized his attitude as, “People think Dorner is a hero, but don’t worry about the people he murdered.”

“You know what would have been ‘exciting?'” Pavlich asked.  “Murdered Officer Michael Crain seeing his kids grow up.”

Far be it for me to get in the way while Katie is doing such a fine job of mopping the floor with this guy, but it seems oddly necessary to remind this professor that the line between civilization and barbarism is defined by the absolute intolerance of heinous deeds.  There’s no writing of Chris Dorner’s that good people need to contemplate, no thought of his that deserves lengthy consideration by the decent public.  You erase bloodthirsty killers like this… or else you’re conceding the effectiveness of their tactics.

And it’s too cute by half for Hill to think he buys himself some protection by claiming he merely sympathizes with the people who urged Dorner to keep killing.  This is not the sort of evil that someone with a functional moral core should be dipping a toe into.  The proper response to a Chris Dorner fan is “why don’t you go grow a soul?” not “Gosh, you’re right, this is awfully exciting and interesting!”  A person with educational responsibilities should implicitly understand that he does such people no favors by indulging them.

Once again, try playing the “What if Dorner was a Tea Party guy instead of an Obama supporter?” game, and ask yourself whether people like Hill would be paying serious attention to the manifesto of such an individual.  The celebration, or even borderline tolerance, of murder for political reasons is a hallmark of totalitarianism, and an important stop on the way to even greater evils.