State of the Union bingo

Why not have a little fun while you watch the State of the Union speech tonight?  Americans for Tax Reform has produced an online Bingo game card to play along with the speech.  You can find it here:

The rules are simple: click each of President Obama’s stock phrases when he uses it, and when you’ve got five lined up in a row, call Bingo.  It shouldn’t take long.  We’ve got phrases like “middle class,” “balanced,” and “obstructionists” on the card.

ATR also offers a helpful glossary of the terms used on the Bingo card, which can help the viewer understand what Obama is talking about.  For example, “investment” means “taxpayer-funded giveaways to union bosses and big-city political machines,” while “children and grandchildren” are the people picking up the tab for the investments.

I’ll be playing along tonight!  You can find me on Twitter as Doc_0.