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Endgame for Chris Dorner

Update (11:00 PM EST): Well, maybe that curtain hasn’t come all the way down… after some conflicting reports throughout the evening, the official stance is that a charred body recovered from the cabin Chris Dorner was trapped in may, or may not, have been Dorner.

Update (8:00 PM EST): Looks like the curtain has come down on the Dorner saga, as the cabin he was holed up in “went up in flames, with ammunition exploding in the inferno and smoke billowing up into the mountain air,” as related by Fox News.  The exact cause of the fire is unknown at the time of this writing.

Update (6:30 PM EST): One of the police officers injured in the shootout with Dorner has reportedly died from his wounds.

On Tuesday afternoon, according to early reports, crazed killer Chris Dorner invaded a cabin in the Big Bear, California area, the region where his burned-out pickup truck was found a few days ago.  Dorner took the two occupants of the cabin hostage.  One of them escaped and notified the authorities.  Dorner took the vehicle belonging his hostages, and was spotted by Fish and Game wardens.  He approached a police roadblock and opened fire when officers challenged him.

A furious gun battle ensued, leaving two sheriff’s deputies wounded.  As of 5:00 PM Eastern time, Dorner is reportedly cornered inside a cabin, which has been marked with a smoke grenade to guide police helicopters.


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