WATCH: Welcome to politics, Ashley Judd

Hollywood actress Ashley Judd has not yet thrown her hat into the political arena to challenge Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell in Kentucky???s 2014 Senate election, but her political detractors are already criticizing her liberal activism and questioning her devotion to her home state ??? wherever that is.

A new television advertisement produced by Karl Rove???s Political Action Committee is set to run for two weeks in Kentucky and lampoons the California-born actress who grew up in the Bluegrass state but apparently calls Tennessee home.

The ad calls Judd ???an Obama-following radical Hollywood liberal, who???s right at home in Tennessee. I mean Kentucky.???

Judd is an avid Kentucky Wildcats basketball fan, which endeared her to many Kentuckians. That is, until she attacked the state???s economic base ??? coal.

It???s a good bet this commercial titled ???Vote for me, you hillbillies,??? won???t win Judd any new fans.