MSNBC suggests Gore is a false prophet on ecology

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Thursday interviewed former Vice President Al Gore and questioned the poster child for global warming/climate change/whatever it???s called now as to how he could live with himself for selling his expanded cable channel Current TV to Al Jazeera for millions of dollars.

Qatar???s Al Jazeera is best known for giving terrorists a voice, and is funded by the country???s vast oil holdings.

Andrea pushed Gore on the controversial question of the sale, he being the ???prophet??? on climate change, and how he could stand to live with himself for making a million dollar C-note in the deal.

???I want to ask you about Al Jazeera and the sale of Current TV because it???s controversial,??? Mitchell said. ???People don???t understand how you as a prophet on climate change could take what???s reported to be $100 million from a network that is basically owned by Qatar ??? that is an oil producer. It would be like taking money from Exxon-Mobile if Exxon-Mobile owned Al Jazeera,??? Mitchell said.

Not only did he defend the deal from a climate changey perspective, but Gore held Al Jazeera up as better than the rest of the mainstream media.

???I completely understand the criticism and the point of view that you???re reporting, but the fact is that Al Jazeera stands around the world as a highly respected international news-gathering organization,??? Gore said. ???It???s climate reporting has been outstanding, far better than what???s available now and I think its addition to the U.S. media landscape is going to be a big net positive.???