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This week???s PowerTalk interview is with Daniel Pink, the New York Times bestselling author of Drive, A Whole New Mind and the brand-new To Sell is Human and frequent guest on CNBC and CNN.

In the interview Dan and I discuss To Sell is Human and go through some of what he reveals in the book. Dan explains how we are all salespeople in one form or another and talks me through how to ???sell??? my daughter on cleaning her room. We then touch on how technology like the Internet and smartphones are changing the roles of sales and sales people ??? yet another way the Always On, Always Connected PowerTrend is touching all facets of our lives.

Finally, pulling from one of my favorite parts of the book (and a fantastic movie), Dan re-imagines the famous Alec Baldwin ???Always Be Closing??? quote from Glengarry Glen Ross for the new era of sales, changing it to ???Attunement, Buoyancy and Clarity???. We touch on what the changing sales environment means for companies like Tupperware (TUP), Herbalife (HLF), Nu Skin (NUS) and Avon Products (AVP), among other sales organizations.

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