Obama delivers gun control orders

Working around Congress has been one of President Barack Obama’s specialties. So later today, he will announce his expansive gun national control plans — plans that will reportedly include 19 executive orders.

Among other legislative suggestions, Obama will call for a universal mandated background check on all gun purchases and a ban on ???assault weapons??? and high-capacity clips magazines.

The media has been referring to Obama’s plan to curb “gun violence,” which is misleading or wishful thinking. There is little data proving any of the initiatives that have been reportedly on the table would curb mass shootings or gun violence. Newtown, Conn. mass murderer Adam Lanza¬†stole the guns he used from his mother, who had passed background checks in a state that already banned assault weapons. Handguns are the predominate weapon used in homicides in the United States.

No doubt, Democrats will get to those as we evolve on the issue.

???Yes, we can reduce gun violence, but it???s something we have to do together,??? said White House press secretary Jay Carney during his press conference yesterday. ???It???s something that cannot be done by a president alone.???

Looks like he???ll do as much as he can alone. It seems unlikely that any gun restrictions will pass the House. In the Senate, Harry Reid ??? who has historically opposed the assault weapons ban — noted that a bill has a slim chance of passing Congress.

The president is expected to make his case  flanked by children. In this case, children whose parents have allowed them to be used as political props.

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