Terrorists Fire On Italian Consul's Car in Benghazi

They must have been upset over a YouTube video.

Marks of gunshots on the car of Italian Consul Guido De Sanctis. (Courtesy photo of Free Libya)

Terrorists fired on the armored car carrying the Italian consul in Beghazi today. No one was hurt.
Al Arabiya reported:

Gunmen have fired shots at the car of the Italian consul in the Libyan City of Benghazi on Saturday, but no one was injured, security sources said.

“They shot at his car, but the car was armoured. He is fine, there are no injuries,” a source, who declined to be named, told Reuters.

Government officials in Rome said that Consul Guido De Sanctis wasn’t hurt because he was travelling in an armored car. They insisted on not being identified because they weren’t authorized to make the information public.