Chris Versace's PowerTalk: Jason Alderman of Visa

Welcome to PowerTalk, where we talk with CEOs, COOs and other key business people at public and private companies as well as other subject matter experts.

This week???s PowerTalk interview is with Jason Alderman, personal finance expert and the Senior Director of Global Financial Programs at Visa (V). Jason and I start off by taking a look at the health of the U.S. consumer, a cornerstone of my Rise and Fall of the Middle Class PowerTrend. He reaffirms my view on the Cash Strapped Consumer, describing people as ???mildly optimistic, but still cautious.???

We also cover managing your financial goals, the importance of having a game plan for saving for retirement, and 3 to 4 steps you can take to get your financial house in order. Then we got into a discussion of how to deal with debt.

Finally, we take a look at finding investments you???re comfortable with and being a disciplined investor. These PowerTalk interviews are only one of the tools you can use to make more informed and confident investing decisions, and Jason and I go through a few more for you.

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