A real menace: Ohio gun owner shields son, shoots mugger

A concealed-carry permit holder in Columbus, Ohio saved his own life and that of his son Tuesday after being held up by a mugger.

Thirty-four-year-old Kelby Smith was carrying his two-month-old son in a car seat Tuesday evening in a quiet suburban neighborhood when a man walked up with a pistol, reports the Columbus Dispatch.

According to police reports, Smith bent over his baby son to protect him as the attacker held a gun to his head. As he handed over the money that the mugger demanded, he pulled out his concealed gun. When the criminal saw the firearm, he took off, according to Smith’s account, but aimed his own gun back at Smith as he ran.

Smith fired once and hit the man, who fell.

“When I shot, he started crying and dropped to the ground,” the father told 911 dispatchers in a recording printed in the Dispatch.

The mugger, whose name has not been released, is in stable condition, police said.

This incident comes the same week Vice President Joe Biden has threatened a White House executive order placing more controls on gun ownership if Congress does not act.

Earlier this week, the gossip blog Gawker published a complete list of all gun owners in New York City, calling them “a**holes” for owning a firearm.